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5 Unusual Home Insurance Claims

Providers of Home Insurance have to deal with a number of claims every day. There are some claims that are common and easy for them to process. There are times, though, when a Home Insurance provider gets a weird claim that they’ve never dealt with before. These claims may blur the lines between what is a covered liability and what isn’t. Below we list 5 unusual home insurance claims that providers have had to process.

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Trigger Discipline

A professional gun restorer was cleaning one of his guns. He forgot one of the most important gun safety rules and didn’t check the chamber. While cleaning the gun, it discharged a bullet, causing damage to his television. Since the shot wasn’t intentional, he was able to make a claim and got reimbursed for his TV.

Thief - Homeowners Insurance

Honor amongst Thieves

This one has an unexpected ending. While the homeowners were away on vacation, a burglar broke into their home. He broke into the garage and managed to get himself stuck; the garage door was broken. The thief had to stay in the garage for a week until the owners returned. When he was finally freed, he sued the homeowners. Surprisingly, he won the case and received a $500,000 settlement. Fortunately, these fees were covered by the homeowners’ Home Insurance policy.

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Dog ate My Jewelry

Animals are usually not included in home insurance policies. But in one bizarre case, a customer reported that their expensive jewelry had be eaten by their dog. Belongings like jewelry are actually covered by some Home Insurance policies. To cover the costs, the Home Insurance provider offered to buy the dog. The owner refused. Eventually, the provider gave in and decided to cover the cost of the jewelry.

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Crashing the Wedding

One homeowner planned to host a wedding for his daughter in his backyard. Unfortunately a fire occurred and they had to relocate the wedding to a hotel. The homeowner filed a claim under the “loss of use” portion of his policy and the Home Insurance carrier covered the costs of the relocation of the wedding.

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It’s a Stampede

There was a homeowner whose neighbor owned cows, horses, and goats. One day, the animals got spooked and stampeded through the homeowner’s house, causing a lot of damage. The owner's Home Insurance policy covered the cost of the damage.

Hopefully you never have to make any unusual home insurance claims. These kinds of claims can prolong the process when trying to use your Home Insurance policy. Be sure to make yourself familiar with all of the available coverage options that are offered with your Home Insurance policy. If you don’t feel like you’re protected enough, give us a call at 1-800-771-7758.

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5 Unusual Home Insurance Claims
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